As the tensions between the Axis and Allied powers grew, one man sought to use this opportunity to make a name for himself. Herman Von Richtmyer was a reputable chemist having received his Ph.D from a prestigious college, ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zurich, and graduating at the top of his class in 1938. He was exactly the kind of scholar the Nazis were looking for. Richtmyer became a scientist for the Nazis during the early years of the second world war, and helped develop some of the most dangerous chemicals used by the Third Reich. He oversaw many of the notorious experiments done by the Nazis and was well known for his success in the development of poisonous materials. Loyal to the growth of science, we was able to ignore the suffering he caused for thousands of people.

The war came to an end and Richtmyer was faced with certain death for his crimes against humanity. But luckily for him the U.S was in desperate need of scientists to compete with the growing U.S.S.R. At the request of President Harry S. Truman, “Operation Paperclip” allowed for Nazi scientists to become working members of American society in exchange for scientific information from their work with the Nazis during the war. He agreed to these terms and began his new career as a chemist for the United States Department of Defense.

As Communism spread to southeastern Asia, the United States took an interest in bringing the fight to them. In 1955, the Department of Defense predicted the potential of a war in a jungle terrain. A solution was proposed that would ultimately change the lives of millions of people forever. “Clearway” was the nickname given to the chemical used to clear large sections of wildlife for military advancement. As the leading chemist on this top-secret project, it was up to Richtmyer to determine whether or not this would have any effects on humans. He was able to pass it after his short term test trials. The ex-Nazi passed Clearway as safe for use, and it went off to the battlefield.

Over the course of the next decade, over 20 million gallons of Clearway was dropped on the jungles of Vietnam… resulting in vast amounts of human exposure. As the war in Vietnam came to an end, an increasing amount of side effects from chemical poisoning grew amongst soldiers and Vietnamese citizens. All pointing back to Clearway. The blame fell on Richtmyer causing an immediate termination from his position.

He lived alone in an old house in the countryside during his older ages. It was then he realized that he was a monster for the unspeakable things he had done in his career. Drenched in his own disappointment and regret, he was unable to justify his mistakes.

Going mad with insanity, he developed stress induced hallucinations and began to see his tortured victims. The people he cut open, the people he poisoned, and the people he distorted forever. Days of insanity became a blur to him, as his whole world began to fall apart. Reality was fictional to him. The dark shadows of his home were now full of the people he once hurt. Richtmyer was beyond the realm of reality. In his world of makebelieve, he chaotically tried to recreate experiments from his early days as a chemist. His torcherous hallucinations came to an end when he was found dead in his home covered in his own feces. Into his arm he had carved, “EVIL AWAITS, NO RETURN.” Years slipped by, and he was forgotten. But he hasn’t left, his evil has only just began... His voice is still heard chaotically yelling throughout the house. Listen, and you just might live.

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