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Screamin' Acres Haunted Attraction Wisconsin

Screamin' Acres Hours of Operation

He brought them into the shop and set them behind a counter...

...The jars sat there for a few days as he stared at them wondering what was the yellow paste inside. Days went by, weeks had come and gone they stayed there for months now. He like the mystery of not knowing, it kept his imagination young. He tried never to open them, but finally his curiosity got the best of him. They were sealed really well. He failed the first time to open one. Realizing the tightness of the seal, he tightened his grip and put his back into it. The air locked inside for 26 years hissed as it escaped. It was a foul stench that singed his nostrils and filled his lungs. He didn’t even look inside as he quickly clapped the lid back on just as the fumes hit his throat. He placed them back onto the shelf and walked outside to get a breath of fresh air. He went about his following days regularly; coming in getting his staff going and sitting behind the counter wondering what could have created such a foul stench.

But as the weeks passed, he lost sleep every night and each night he slept less and less. However he was not tired during the day, in fact he never was fatigued at all. Now he went for days on end, full of energy, continuing without any sleep. He also seemed to take a little more enjoyment in carving up the meat each day. No one seemed to notice his strange habits, as he was the first one there and the last one out everyday. He had a constant in fear that he was about to have a heart attack, for his heart was beating so fast. One night after closing, he collapsed to the ground. His muscles twitched and his tendons tightened. His body was out of control. His legs kicked spastically knocking over the shelves with the mason jars on them. He regained power over his muscles after an agonizing few minutes. He then noticed the yellow liquid was everywhere on the floor, creating the most nauseating aroma in the shop. But this time he didn’t mind. This time it smelled good to him. The enraged butcher spent the whole night beating the shanks of meat to a pulp. By early morning he felt the growing urge to kill anything that moved, so he waited.

The next morning, the staff would come in one by one, and each fell victim to the butcher’s beatings. They were all knocked unconscious and all the while they were absorbing the toxic fumes in the air. The butcher brought them back to the processing room and started slaying them alive. However, a few regained awareness, but they were not the same beings they were before. The stench of the fumes had carved them into monsters equally, if not more, aggressive than the butcher himself. They also hungered for destruction and the need to deliver pain. This began a rampage of killing. For days on end they have been slaying the unsuspecting customers who stop into the shop…

Did Hollywood not work out for you? Well, you’re in luck Screamin' Acres is always looking for ambitious actors. Apply here now!

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Screamin Acres is the most rapidly growing haunted house in Wisconsin. We are unlike any other haunted house in the area, we seek only to provide the best quality “Hollywood” style haunt. We are not about just scaring people, we are all about engaging our customers in one of the most detailed haunted houses in Wisconsin. Every inch of our haunted house is detailed to the best of our abilities. Not to mention every year we will be different, we will never stay the same. And by changing, we wont just move the walls; we will change everything about what we have. The Screamin Acres community is planned to grow every year, and with room to expand, the possibilities are endless.

You will experience low visibility, artificial fog (water-based), strobe lights, loud audio, uneven pathways, wet environments, vulgar language, tight walkways, and low ceilings. You are not encouraged to participate if you are diagnosed with heart problems, pregnant, have severe claustrophobia, are prone to seizures, or elderly. Children under the age of 12 are not recommended to attend this event. Screamin Acres Haunted Houses LLC reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone with an injury or illness that requires crutches or a cast. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted.

Attraction Rules:
No smoking. No drinking. No Running. No Photography or Video. No touching actors or props. No refunds. Violators of these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.

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