Hiring Actors

Did Hollywood not work out for you? Well you’re in luck Screamin Acres is always looking for ambitious actors. Apply here now!

Dates and Times

All dates and times for Screamin' Acres are available here.

Screamin Acres is the most rapidly growing haunted house in Wisconsin. We are unlike another haunted house in the area, we seek only to provide the best quality ‚ÄúHollywood‚ÄĚ style haunt. We are not about just scaring people, we are all about engaging our customers in one of the most detailed haunted houses in Wisconsin. Every inch of our haunted house is detailed to the best of our abilities. Not to mention every year we will be different, we will never stay the same. And by changing, we wont just move the walls; we will change everything about what we have. The Screamin Acres community is planned to grow every year, and with room to expand, the possibilities are endless.

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